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July 1 is the start of a new fiscal year for many companies….not mine but I choose to look at the mid-year mark as an opportunity to review my 2017 goals and see where I need to revise or focus. My true goal this year is to congratulate myself when I’ve accomplished a goal. So often it’s easy to look at our glass as half empty….I can easily recite what I have yet to accomplish. Not this year! I’m congratulating myself when I’ve got it right!

I use sports so often as a parallel to life in sales. I had a prospect meeting with a potential client who played golf in college. Our meeting was somewhat derailed as I questioned him about his golf successes. He looked me straight in the eye as asked me if I knew what made the difference between good golfers and fair golfers. I was sure he was going to tell me practice, practice, practice. But no….he firmly details that it’s the way they talk with themselves. Great golfers never berate themselves or talk negatively to themselves. Make a bad shot, they forget it and remind themselves of how many great shots they’ve had in this round and that this next shot will be a terrific one. Wow! That’s wisdom we can all use in our sales lives!

So use this week that’s likely to be a bit slower with the holiday, to remind yourself on all the things you do right! Take the time to review your goals and congratulate yourself on your progress.

Happy 4th of July, too!