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I am passionate about soccer but I’m more passionate about customer service and Sporting KC is the perfect combination of both! I hold them as the gold standard for delivering the best customer service. Why? My customer service rep consistently makes me feel as though I am his only season ticket holder. I receive customized updates on my account, extra opportunities I may receive as a season ticket holder, quickly responds to any question or concern I may have and quickly resolves any problems.

You know Sam benefits from a terrific customer management system that sends my electronically my updates. He enhances that system with his quick response and resolution to any and all problems I may be experiencing. Any time I’m working to exchange tickets, he notes I prefer the aisle.  Again, likely a part of SPKC’s CRM, but he maximizes it. Oh, and I just received a handwritten personal note to my home with a mid-season “thank you” for my business.

Give thought today to how you treat your clients. Do they think they just a revenue generator for you? Or do they feel as though your entire book of business revolves around them?  I dare you to evaluate how you can create the same customer experience for you clients!