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The New Year is the Dawn of New Opportunities!

Back from a perfect vacation in Cabo; it’s time to finesse and re-evaluate my business goals for 2017. I pulled out my notes from fourth quarter and proceeded to go through my “normal” process. Perhaps I still have Cabo beach brain….all I could think of was my dear friend Rukhsana Khan who has opened up Rukhsana’s Wellness Heavenly Retreat @retreatcabo. For many years, I have meditated with her and her meditation circle. This time I connected in a very different way with her four questions she prods us to ask ourselves at the very beginning of meditation. This year, I decided to use Rukhsana’s four questions to provide the framework for my 2017 business goal setting.
Who am I? Easy….I’m a teacher and a life-long learner.
What do I want? To find more people I can help grow their business and more people I can learn from.
What is my purpose? Helping people find their success.
What am I grateful for? I am grateful for my family who supports my business efforts, my long-time clients who have trusted me to partner with them, my team who helps me to market my business and I am grateful for new opportunities.
So while in Cabo, I took my family to the Wellness Heavenly Retreat for an Indian cooking class with Rukhsana. Originally born in Pakistan, she is a master chef and loves sharing her food. As she’s adding jalapeno’s (a nod to our Mexico location) to her chicken main dish, I squeal for her to stop….I can’t handle the heat! Without missing a beat, this gentle soul snaps back at me: “BE BRAVE!” With my family laughing at me, I’ve decided to accept her challenge and make this my mantra for 2017!
We all know that courage is central ingredient for successful sales. So I challenge you to look at your goals for 2017 and ask yourself the four questions….then I dare you to “BE BRAVE!”
And don’t forget to breathe deeply!