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Dazzling snowflakes are still falling in the Midwest today forcing everything to shut down….schools, businesses, everything really. For me, it’s a day to make sales happen.

As a young street salesman, I had no fear of driving in snow. It was genetic programming from my sweet mother who never let anything intimidate her. So when snow would hit the metro, my peers would all honker down inside, clean files, gather around the coffee pot trading barbs. Me? I’d put on my boots and make it a killer sales day.

Clients would be ecstatic to see me. They may not have seen any customers all day and they certainly wouldn’t have seen any other sales people. I’d get their full attention since they didn’t have much to do any way. It was a bonus selling day for sure.

Snow days and Friday afternoons….my favorite sales times. Friday afternoons, my competitors liked to meet for a cocktail or two before heading out for the weekend. Their clients didn’t have the luxury of taking off early and often would try to get their business wrapped up before the weekend. And yes, I would just happen to be in their office to make it easy on them!

I challenge you to buck the trend. Don’t fall in line behind your competitors. Blaze your own path through the snow or make that extra call early in the morning on late on Friday afternoons. You’ll enjoy the rewards and position yourself as a 1%er who will do whatever it takes to get the job done for your clients! And take the time to enjoy nature’s gift!