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Today’s news can strike fear in the heart of every sales person. Talks of a recession, issues with the Fed, tariffs, etc., is enough to send most sales people into a downward spiral. Don’t let it happen to you!

No matter what your industry is, there will always be business out there.  The pie may shrink but there will still be a pie! You will have to work harder AND smarter to make sure you get your share. Don’t allow the media to rob you of your sales energy and enthusiasm.  Don’t let yourself use it as an excuse when you lose a sale. Remember fabulous sales people have a 20% closing ratio. You’re still going to get “noes.” Be strategic about handling those “noes” and how to turn them into “yeses.”

I’m not saying the doomsdayers are wrong; we simply don’t know. I want to encourage you to go back to basics that helped make you successful; maybe sign up for some sales refreshers or sales coaching. Be proactive in protecting your business. Do it TODAY! Let me know how I can help you build your sales success!