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Just had a call from a prospect asking me if I could help develop a script for his sales team. We spent time discussing exactly what it was he was looking to accomplish. He wants to arm his team with a complete description of all their products’ features. YIKES! Let a brochure do that! The best of the best sales people, take that brochure, take the time to understand their customers needs and see if there’s anything in that company brochure that will help solve a particular problem for the customer. Sales is not selling….it’s PROBLEM SOLVING! It’s EDUCATING! When you approach sales from that perspective, you will find success. And if there’s nothing in that brochure that helps the customer, you direct them to where they can find a solution. In that sense, you’re FARMING. You’re planting the seed to be the first call that customer makes when he needs something from your brochure. The best sales people are PROBLEM SOLVERS, EDUCATORS AND FARMERS, first and foremost!