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Group Sales Training

Get your sales team all moving in the same direction: toward increased revenues!

We will customize a training session which specifically addresses any particular issue your staff may be facing. All sessions are tailored to your industry and to your staff. Unlike a large group, canned sales seminar, we offer training at your company for just your staff making it personal for them. You’ll see results! Often sales training is just a temporary boost in the arm. We offer you specific ideas with high energy to motivate your staff as well as arming them with tools they may use in the field.

Group sales training is perfect for national sales meetings or to motivate a large group.

“Why does a health and social services agency need sales and customer service training? To provide extraordinary service, all of our people, volunteers and paid, must have the best training. I believe with your help Nordstrom’s will some day send their trainers here for examples! You have helped us in public relations, sales training and customer service development. The volume of questions and audience participation last week are evidence that you capture the attention of people. You are credible and enthusiastic and the visuals and materials were excellent.” 

– Mark J. Henke of Catholic Charities


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