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One-on-One Training

Individual Training to Unlock Your Potential


We will create an individual sales training program that is perfect for a customized pitch or just as a refresher course.

With twenty-six years as a sales professional, Diane O’Byrne has worked with thousands of professionals and determined the following:

  • 14 percent of sales people on the streets today should seek other careers. They are incapable of uncovering a client’s needs or asking for the business.
  • 85 percent of all sales people are mediocre, just doing what it takes to keep their jobs.
  • Most successful are those she calls “the one-percenters.” These are the individuals who’ll do whatever it takes to get a job done, individuals who are constantly looking to improve themselves, analyzing the sales process, asking themselves, “how can I do better?”

“I took sales training from Diane O’Byrne when I started my marketing consulting business years ago. I’m still receiving revenues from clients I obtained while Diane was my coach. Her training was invaluable. Now I refer my clients to Diane when they need to develop sales skills.”

– Terri Petri, Petri & Associates

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